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Botanical Bright & Lift Cream - 50ml


Botanical Bright & Lift Cream - 50ml

Rimpolpante, illuminante e antiossidante sono le caratteristiche che contraddistinguono la nostra crema antirughe biologica. I suoi principi attivi svolgono un’intensa azione anti-age, tonificante, nutriente e idratante. 

Plumping, illuminating, and antioxidant are the characteristics that distinguish our biological anti-aging moisture. Its active principles perform an intense anti-aging, toned, nourishing, and hydrated action. The Mullein extract makes the skin brightness and healthier, while the organic Wheat Bran increases the viscoelasticity (+33%) and decreases the average rugosity.

Four are the fundamental organic active principles that characterized this revolutionary product:

  • The biological Mullein Extract is able to extract the harmful energy of the UV rays and to transform it into a source of light radiated directly from the skin;
  • The organic Wheat Bran plays an intense anti-aging, antioxidant, nourishing, and lenitive action and protects the skin from the UV rays;
  • The organic Olive Oil has a nourishing, emollient, and protective action;
  • The biological Echinacea, Achillea, Calendula, and Linden extracts have an elastic, toned, and lenitive action, protecting the skin from any external aggression
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