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Botanical Face Scrub – 125 ml


Botanical Face Scrub - 100 ml

Botanical Face Scrub depura la pelle in profondità mantenendo sempre intatto il suo equilibrio idrico. I principi attivi contenuti in questo prodotto svolgono una delicata ma efficace azione esfoliante rendendo la pelle elastica, tonica e idratante. 

The exfoliating effect of our Botanical Face Scrub depurates deeply the skin maintaining always intact the water balance of it. The active principles contained in this product perform a gentle but effective exfoliating action making the skin elastic, tonic, and hydrated. The micro granules of Cranberry increase the natural protection of the skin and have an effective action of antioxidant, while the Mullein extract gives more brightness to the skin, making it healthier.

An innovative product created from the integration of four organic active principles:

  • The biological Mullein Extract is able to extract the harmful energy of the UV rays and to transform it into a source of light radiated directly from the skin;
  • The organic Micro Granulates of Cranberry perform a gentle but efficient exfoliating and antioxidant action;
  • The organic Olive Oil has a nourishing, emollient, and protective action;
  • The biological Achillea, Calendula, and Linden extracts have a hydrating, elastic, toned, and lenitive action, protecting the skin from any external aggression.
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